Sandblasting before and after

We offer sandblasting as a service to remove rust and prepare metal surfaces for painting or re-coating. This method involves compressed air and blast media to force contaminants, paint, and dirt from the metal surface.

While sand appears in the name, we use softer and harder alternatives to achieve different results. Depending on the metal surface being prepared, media like glass beads and steel grit are preferred for their durability and longer lifespan. 

If you’ve tried to sandblast before, you will be familiar with the challenge. Enlist our professional services to save you time and money.

Sandblasting 101

We offer this media blasting technique to easily remove paint, stubborn contaminants, and rust from solid metal surfaces. The process is easy, efficient, and saves time in comparison to hand sanding. Once the sandblasting has taken place, the surface is bare and ready to receive a protective coating.

Sandblasting with glass media is considered a medium-hard abrasive. While sandblasting is an industry-standard for cleaning metals, there are some disadvantages to the process.


rust and paint on metal

Firstly, sandblasting takes large amounts of media blasting materials. Some abrasives like sand break down on impact and are replaced after use. Secondly, the process creates lots of dust and is not very eco-friendly. This dust can become trapped in difficult to clean areas. Thirdly, the loud sound of the abrasive material impacting the metal requires caution and the use of personal protection equipment.

Our team at De Rust It strives to operate our sandblasting processes in the most eco-friendly manner. We optimize our sandblasting process to ensure a quick turn-around-time and the most efficient use of materials. Our experience and expertise enable us to offer you an efficient metal cleaning service for an affordable price.

Vapour / Wet Sandblasting

In addition to sandblasting, De Rust It offers wet sandblasting as a finishing service. The primary benefit is the reduced heat buildup. Heat can cause the warping of components that are made of sheet metal. It offers a less abrasive option for media and reduces dust.

The water flushes out blasting media that could accumulate on the surface. The media and high-pressure water peen the pores giving it a shinier and smoother finish that is easier to maintain and keep clean. Shot-peening entails striking a surface with a shot using enough force to create plastic deformation.

Metal, glass, and ceramics are used in a shot-peening treatment to increase the stainless steel component’s surface hardness and fatigue resistance.


Sandblasting vs Vapour Blasting

We favour acid dipping over sandblasting and vapourblasting for preparing metal surfaces efficiently. At De Rust It, vapour blasting is used to improve the look of aluminium castings once they have been cleaned using chemical submersion.  

It differs from sandblasting in using water at high pressure and glass or aluminium oxide bead blasting to achieve an attractive, shiny finish.

Vapour blasting is a cost-effective way to prepare your metal in various ways, making it look better and helping it last longer. However, vapour blasting is prone to some drawbacks as the presence of water makes corrosion a concern.

At De Rust It, vapour blasting is strictly used for aluminium parts to ensure long-lasting finishes. All other metals are sandblasted or acid dipped to avoid contamination of our clients’ aluminium parts.


sandblasting proffessional

Sandblasting Equipment & Tools

Considering that sandblasting equipment prices are high, most projects requiring sanding will work out more affordably when using a professional sandblasting service instead of traditional hand sanding. 

Our sandblasting machine helps us to be more efficient and results in a higher quality finish. We offer to sandblast your parts using a suction system with a blast cabinet, compressed air, and a dust collector. By outsourcing the challenging cleaning work to us, you’ll be able to keep the cost of your project down.

Sandblasting Service

“We give you a clean deal” is the short mission statement of our family business registered in 1982. We continue to offer sandblasting services at an affordable price and will happily help you with your industrial-scale or DIY sandblasting project.

If you are searching for a professional finish for your metal product, our sandblasting service may be for you. As professionals, we pride ourselves on our efficiency and quality of service.

Before and after sandblasting
Drop off at De Rust It factory

Our Sandblasting Process

We want to reiterate, sandblasting is dangerous to attempt on your own without the correct safety precautions.

Our process for sandblasting follows health and safety guidelines and starts at our factories in Montague Gardens, Cape Town. Firstly, items are assessed to ensure sandblasting is the best solution before the following steps are taken: 

  1. Items are placed inside of the cabinet
  2. All the surfaces are blasted with abrasives
  3. Items are cleaned with compressed air
  4. Remove all the items from the cabinet and inspect
  5. Repeat blast if difficult to reach areas need attention

Your sandblasted surfaces can then be prepared or powder-coated for a long-lasting finish. We perform sandblasting in the most efficient manner and look forward to assisting you with your project.

Sandblasting in Cape Town

Sandblasting is an effective and affordable way to clean and prepare metal. You can benefit from an efficient and affordable sandblasting service from De Rust It in Montague Gardens, Cape Town.

Whether you require sandblasting, wet sandblasting, or aluminium oxide bead blasting, you will be happy with our timely service.

If you are still unsure whether sandblasting is right for your project, contact us with your metal cleaning questions.

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